Friday, May 25, 2012

Calico Joe by John Grisham

I am not a baseball afficionado by any stretch of the imagination but I did thoroughly enjoy this book. It is told by Paul Tracey whose father was a pitcher for the Mets back in 1973. Along comes the fictional Calico Joe who is a rookie with the Chicago Cubs and breaks onto the baseball scene in a big way. He breaks records every time he steps up to bat and wins the admiration of baseball fans everywhere, regardless of who their home team is. Warren Tracey, Paul's dad, is a bitter kind of bully whose career is going nowhere. The story is about the sad relationship between this man and his family, the world of baseball, this amazing phenom from Calico Rock, Arkansas, named Joe Castle, and a boy who is caught between his admiration for this incredibly gifted man and loyalty to a father who is less than worthy of it. One fateful day at the ballpark changes the lives of everyone and the world of baseball will never be the same.

4 stars and highly recommended. A story of redemption and forgiveness that is suitable for everyone.

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