Friday, March 23, 2012

22 Britannia Road

Author: Amanda Hodgkinson
4 (of 5) stars

This is the story of a Polish couple and their son from Warsaw and what happens to them both during and after World War II. Silvana is forced to flee and survive in grueling conditions, unimaginable to most of us today. They spend a lot of the wartime dwelling in the forest, living like animals. The odds of coming through this ordeal alive are staggering. Starvation, freezing, German soldiers, disease and illness are everyday battles for this mother trying to protect her child.
Janusz goes off to fight for Poland and gets separated from his unit, and eventually ends up with the British army. He tries to build a new life on 22 Britannia Road for his wife and son when the war is over. So much has happened between the couple in the past years that this may be one battle too difficult for them to overcome.
I really loved the story and had such a soft spot in my heart for Janusz, he tries so hard to make things right and normal for his family. You can't help but root for him to bring it all together somehow and start the post-war healing process.

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